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quinta-feira, agosto 17, 2006

To a Highland Girl - Para uma Garota das Terras Altas

Inspirado, ouso traduzir um poema do engenhoso William Wordsworth:

(At Invernaid, upon Loch Lomond)

Sweet Highland Girl, a very shower
Of beauty is thy early dower!
Twice seven consenting years have shed
Their utmost bounty on thy head:
And these grey rocks; that household lawn;
Those trees, a veil just half withdrawn;
This fall of water that doth make
A murmur near the silent lake;
This litttle bay; a quiet road
That holds in shelter thy abode -
In truth together do ye seem
Like something fashioned in a dream;
Such forms as from their covert peep
When earthly cares are laid asleep!
But, O fair Creature! in the light
Of common day, so heavenly bright,
I bless Thee, Vision as thou art,
I bless thee with a human art;
God shield thee to thy latest years!
Thee, neither know I, nor thy peers:
And yet my eyes are filled with tears.

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