Quem é Gurdjieff?

quarta-feira, agosto 16, 2006

Gurdjieff Again

I really admire Gurdjieff's teachings. They could seem strange and pure non-sense for a first reader, but the whole system is full of ancient wisdom. I found him through Oupensky's books, in a a very difficult moment of my life when i even thought in suicide (what a beautiful guy the world would lose...). Gurdjieff told me that we have to "work" our centers (intelectual, instinticve, emotional and so on) harmonically, not only by written knowledge but also with music and sacred dances. It was something like a divine revelation for me! For the first time i understood that i read a lot of books and was still a dull, a completely stupid... I didn't have any conscience of myself, i did'nt know myself, can you understand? This is the essence of his teaching, the need to remember ourselves our the time through an intensive "work", developed in a "school". We can't do this alone, we need others to show our fails. It's a hard task and Gurdjieff was hard, but its the only for us, the "fourth way".

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